Are There Secure Web Portals in New York?

By CRA | December 26, 2013
A secure, web-based portal can be crucial to the effective remote management of patients at home. There are so many variables that present challenges. Network downtime, natural disasters and the like are just a couple of the more common issues that will usually develop. Meanwhile, telehealth is improving and gaining in importance and acceptance. Patient at home monitoring helps home healthcare...

What is the Availability of Effective IT Support Solutions in New York?

By CRA | December 23, 2013
Institutions in the extremely competitive business environment of New York need to be very sure of the IT processes they implement because every second lost in translates into significant losses and damage to brand value. Computer Resources of America (CRA) has been providing cutting-edge IT support solutions in New York for over 20 years, and they understand how critical it is to have a useful...

Why IT Back Up and Disaster Recovery Solutions are Critical to Healthcare

By CRA | December 20, 2013
Unfortunately, data backup in the healthcare community is occasionally seen as just another bureaucratic roadblock, or worse still, a waste of precious system resources that is inconsistent with the industry’s demand for fast and dependable technology. According to one study carried out by SK&A, fewer than half of all small practices today are using electronic medical backup. However, here it’s...

Why are Dell AppAssure and CRA Solutions Important to I.T.?

By CRA | December 19, 2013
The Computer Resources of America alignment with Dell AppAssure is an important development for home healthcare professionals and candidly anyone involved in Information Technology infrastructure and support. The importance of backup and other related I.T. support solutions can’t be overemphasized. Here’s why. Data and online access is crucial to the enterprise. The Computer Resources of America...

New York I.T. Support: Questions You Should Ask

By CRA | December 09, 2013
Home health care agencies know that it is simply unacceptable for their home office I.T. infrastructure to be down or inferior. Overall I.T. support, including robust and seamless backup, is critical for this type of business to function properly. If only there were no power outages, natural disasters and the like. Welcome to the real world. You might be asking yourself, “I have home health care...