Why is a BDR solution important for your business?

By CRA | January 25, 2016
Most people believe that their data is only at risk to hackers or the rarity of a natural disaster. The reality is that 78% of all lost data is due to downtime caused by an unexpected hardware or system malfunction, and 11% is a result of human error. Lost data is regarded as one of the worst effects of downtime; which is the time in which all machinery and systems are out of action or...

Advisory: Jonas Winter Storm

By CRA | January 21, 2016
To All Customers, There is an upcoming blizzard forecasted to hit the East coast later this week. This storm has the potential to cause disruptions for your business.  We are monitoring the storm’s progress as it makes its way up the East coast. Current forecasts indicate the potential for the storm to impact the New York/ New Jersey area late Friday evening, although the exact direction and...

Is Your Business Protected Against Downtime?

By CRA | January 05, 2016
Every other week people are out buying lottery tickets even though their odds of winning are 1:175,000,000. Most people understand that they do not stand a chance of winning, yet they still purchase them week after week. This is because people believe they can beat the odds. In this case, the worst that can happen is losing a few dollars.   Don't Be Part of the Statistics! On a larger scale,...