Adobe CC 2018: What’s New?

By CRA | January 30, 2018
Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 is out and has seen some significant changes over previous versions. Here’s the rundown on what you can expect from the new suite. What’s New In Adobe CC 2018? Broken down by components of Adobe Creative Cloud, here are the updates to the suite that will improve your workflow. Photoshop There are several new features and improvements. Find the complete release notes here...

Version Control: Collaborating on Live Projects

By CRA | January 24, 2018
As work culture becomes more open and collaborative, version control is increasingly important. From the simple example of “track changes” in Word, or creating a spreadsheet together in Google Sheets, office-based and remote workers are regularly collaborating in realtime and can easily see what others have done to improve code, texturize a logo or electrify language. It’s time for this...

CAD in 2018: What to Expect in Architecture and Construction

By CRA | January 22, 2018
While architecture and engineering don’t change much, the technology used to design is evolving at a rapid rate. Computer-aided design (CAD) is no exception. We’ve been watching and have made predictions about what to expect in 2018. Here are our top predictions for advancements in CAD in the next twelve months.  2018: Our 6 CAD Predictions Tech trends cross several industries and because CAD is...