Which Nonprofit Are You More Likely to Give To?

By CRA | April 11, 2019
There are many things to consider before making a charitable donation. What’s the best way for you to donate? It’s good to weigh your options carefully and think about where on the spectrum you want to make a difference. First, take into account who you are and what matters to you most. Then, tailor your nonprofit giving accordingly. Where Do You Fall on the Nonprofit Giving Spectrum? Nonprofit...

Fundraising for Nonprofits Using Social Media

By CRA | April 04, 2019
Fundraising for nonprofits relies on donations from social media followers more and more. It’s a good idea to keep the 80/20 rule in mind when it comes to fundraising using social media. This means no more than 20% of your posts should make a direct appeal for donations and the other 80% of your posts should be interesting or emotionally-driven content. Additionally, you must educate your...