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Is Your Business Prepared for a Cyberattack?

By CRA | July 18, 2017
Businesses across all industries are vulnerable to cyberattacks. The threat is particularly great for small and mid-sized businesses that can’t divert resources into full-time, in-house IT security teams. The good news is that managed service providers (MSPs) help overcome these security obstacles. Outsourcing means you’ll have top of the line security solutions for whatever issues arise. A...

Leveraging the Cloud for Security

By CRA | July 11, 2017
There are numerous advantages to shifting your business environment to the cloud. Cloud computing offers cost-effective solutions that increase mobility, maximize scalability and promote collaboration. But what about cloud computing security? Despite concerns that increased accessibility might lead to data vulnerability, cloud computing is on the rise. A recent survey on the state of the cloud...

How to Identify Spam: Stay Safe from Spoofing, Phishing and Pharming

By CRA | June 27, 2017
In the early days of the internet, the dangers of spam were easy to avoid by following a few simple rules. You could dodge most security risks and identity theft by deleting unsolicited attachments and offers from “Nigerian princes.” Then, spam-recognition algorithms became advanced enough to rid us of most of the chaff in our inboxes. All the while, spammers and identity thieves developed more...

IT Security Best Practices: Saving, Sending & Sharing Files

By CRA | June 20, 2017
Information technology has become a vital part of everyday life and business.  The barrier to entry is lower than it’s ever been and there are numerous free technology solutions available for saving files, sharing files, and sending files. Many offer flexibility and accessibility, but it’s also critical to ensure your files are secure.  Here we describe strategies and IT security best practices...

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Nonprofit Organization’s IT Operations to CRA

By CRA | May 30, 2017
CRA Provides Exceptional IT Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations More nonprofit organizations are becoming savvy to the benefits of outsourcing IT operations. When budgets are tight, it may seem counterintuitive to spend money on managed IT and consulting services. In truth, such solutions can help streamline your budget and maximize your current funds. Taking advantage of all that modern IT...

Social Media for Nonprofits

By CRA | May 11, 2017
How Nonprofit Organizations Can Harness the Power of Social Media A recent study by the Case Foundation and Social Media for Nonprofits examined trends among almost 500 organizations to understand how they use social media. Even though 97% of these organizations were on Facebook, 88% cited email and their website as their most important  communication tools. This seemed to be because nearly half...

Eleven Essential Resources for Nonprofit Organizations

By CRA | April 30, 2017
Informational and Networking Resources to Advance Your Mission There are numerous excellent resources for nonprofit organizations available. They cover a variety of topics, useful for both new and growing organizations. You’ll find a wealth of information on everything from maintaining your tax exempt status to establishing long-term connections with fellow nonprofits.   Essential Resources for...

IT Solutions to Optimize Grants for Nonprofits

By CRA | April 17, 2017
Maximize Your Budget and Sharpen Your Strategies by Outsourcing IT Competition for funding has become tighter in recent years. Because of this, it's more crucial than ever for nonprofits to budget strategically. Many grants for nonprofits emphasize bringing in more money. A smart nonprofit will also incorporate strategies to optimize existing and future funding. There are numerous IT solutions...

Advisory: Winter Storm Stella

By CRA | March 13, 2017
To All Customers, The National Weather Service has issued a blizzard warning for New York City and much of the of the tristate ahead of a crippling nor'easter expected to bury the region in at least a foot of snow over a dangerously cold, windy 24-hour period. The storm is expected to start Monday overnight into Tuesday and last all day. 12 to 18 inches of snow are expected to fall on the city...