What Could Blockchain Technology Do for Healthcare?

By CRA | August 14, 2018
Blockchain technology is disrupting FinTech, real estate and other industries. It's also affecting healtchcare. Here’s how. 5 Ways Blockchain Technology May Revolutionize Healthcare What is Blockchain Technology? Blockchain, or "distributed ledger" allows as many people as necessary access to a file. The file cannot be copied and is updated in real time. Traditional ledger software operated with...

How AI Is Changing & Improving The Healthcare Industry

By CRA | August 09, 2018
Whether or not George Washington cut down a cherry tree is up for debate. What's not for debate? George died from a lack of technology in healthcare. That’s right. George had a sore throat. His doctor decided that the best way to help him was bloodletting. This is the archaic practice of draining blood from patients to heal them. The doctor drained too much from George. Presently, we treat sore...

How Healthcare Is Improving With The Use Of Augmented & Virtual Reality Technology

By CRA | July 31, 2018
Reality technologies, like augmented and virtual reality, are transforming more than just the gaming industry. They are changing vital services, including healthcare. Today’s post explores how reality technology is advancing medical treatment and education. Reality Technology and Healthcare Video games and medicine? It’s actually not that crazy of a combination. Augmented and Virtual Reality...

How Telehealth and Wearable Devices are Changing Healthcare

By CRA | July 24, 2018
Advances in technology have brought medicine into the future thanks to telehealth and wearable telehealth devices. What Is Telehealth? Telehealth is any transference of medical data electronically. Patients in large healthcare systems experience this when seeing specialists or going to the ER. Telehealth is changing medicine for the better on a routine basis. Telehealth Increases Patient Access...

How Cloud Computing helps the Health Industry

By CRA | October 25, 2016
Healthcare spans from small doctor’s offices to huge university hospital.  Beyond this, doctors and researchers from around the globe take part in research and analysis -- often encompassing huge data sets.  But not everyone uses the same software.  And not everyone is on the same system.  Cloud computing offers rich benefits in the healthcare industry and is clearly the future of medical IT. ...

Why IT Back Up and Disaster Recovery Solutions are Critical to Healthcare

By CRA | December 20, 2013
Unfortunately, data backup in the healthcare community is occasionally seen as just another bureaucratic roadblock, or worse still, a waste of precious system resources that is inconsistent with the industry’s demand for fast and dependable technology. According to one study carried out by SK&A, fewer than half of all small practices today are using electronic medical backup. However, here it’s...