Use Of Technology In The Legal Industry

By CRA | March 13, 2020
The recent and continuous advancements in technology are constantly transforming the ways most industries function, and the legal industry is no different. Like all other markets, the legal sector is subjected to external forces and is often re-shaped by the fluctuations in supportive technology. Let’s talk about how the impact of technology innovation in the legal sector is leading toward...

9 Strategies to Create a Tech-Savvy Classroom

By CRA | May 29, 2018
With the rise in jobs seeking tech-savvy candidates to students looking at the technological prowess of colleges when deciding where to apply, it’s time for schools to create classrooms where technology is more than an occasional treat or dreaded nightmare. To cap our month looking at technology across the educational sector, here are 9 strategies to embrace technology in the classroom where...

Making Your School Attractive to Tech-Savvy Students

By CRA | May 22, 2018
Today’s students are the most tech-savvy in history. Not only do they have the know-how to live in a digital world, but they also seek institutions that function fluidly in the digital realm. It is vital to understand what students want when it comes to their school and how it uses technology. To compete, schools must understand what students want and what they know so that schools can meet them...

The Future of Cloud Computing in Education

By CRA | May 15, 2018
The benefits of cloud computing aren’t a secret anymore. Education has seen an explosion of technology integration thanks to the ease and accessibility of the cloud. It’s also the best option for secure, scalable file storage. That indicates a bright future of cloud computing, especially in the education sector. The Benefits of Cloud Computing in Schools In order to understand the future of the...

How to Implement Technology in the Classroom

By CRA | May 08, 2018
Today’s students are required to be far more tech savvy than those who were in the same classrooms a decade ago. With everything from college applications to job interviews taking place in the digital sphere, typing skills just don’t cut it. Here’s a look at what top experts in education say students need for tech skills and the tools to implement technology in the classroom to set up students...