Tech Tip of the Month: Backup & Disaster Recovery Preparedness

By CRA | December 18, 2018
With the amount of data businesses hold, it’s no secret that backups are key. Since we started typing term papers on word processors we learned–many of us the hard way–the importance of saving our work. While many of today’s IT solutions offer constant saving of individual work, it’s vital that businesses think big picture, long term and address very real risks. This month, Computer Resources...

How Artificial Intelligence Redefines Stock & Hedge Fund Trading

By CRA | December 18, 2018
This was one of our most popular blog posts of 2018. We've updated this post with new information to continue providing valuable content. Artificial intelligence is on the rise and changing how historically human-powered business is done. One example of this is the effect of AI on trading. The Coming of Age of Artificial Intelligence Chances are you use forms of AI every day. Talking to the...

How Blockchain Technology Is Revolutionizing The FinTech Sector

By CRA | December 14, 2018
This was one of our most popular blog posts of 2018. We've updated this post with new information to continue providing valuable content. Blockchain technology is changing the face of financial technology, or FinTech. What is Blockchain and why does it work so well in the finance sector? That’s what we’re unpacking today on the Computer Resources of America blog. What is Blockchain Technology?

The Role of Smart Cities in America's Near Future

By CRA | December 11, 2018
In the last year, interest in smart cities has risen considerably as everyone, from public safety and municipal governments to The Big Three, recognizes that the future is now. What are the features of a smart city? And what is the role of smart cities in the next few years? Today we’ll explore both what smart cities are and should be as well as how they may change life in the next few years. ...

Changing the face of IT operations: 5G Technology

By CRA | December 04, 2018
5G is coming and with it, all kinds of hype about AT&T, Verizon and new devices. 5G goes far beyond cell phone technology, though. It has massive implications for Information Technology. Here are the ways 5G is anticipated to change IT. What is 5G? Simply put, 5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology. Each new generation has offered increased data transmission speed. Each has also had...

Using the Cloud for Ease of Operations Within Local Government

By CRA | September 27, 2018
The cloud is a scalable, cost effective, secure solution for business and nonprofits. It is also making inroads in government. The cloud eases operations within local government. The Cloud in Local Government It may be surprising, but governments adopt the cloud at about the same rate other industries. Nationally, businesses spend 20.4% of their IT budget on the cloud. Local governments, on...

Our 3 Favorite Fundraising Platforms for Nonprofits

By CRA | September 20, 2018
Starting this month, Computer Resources of America will share our favorite tech picks for verticals we service. Don’t just learn about the technologies and trends disrupting your industry. Learn which to integrate to propel your successes. Fundraising Platforms for Nonprofits to Explore We do everything on our phones these days, including charitable giving. That’s why nonprofits need to get to...

How Fintech Helped The United Nations World Food Program Respond More Rapidly

By CRA | September 13, 2018
Technology is helpful during humanitarian crises. Many nonprofits take advantage of tech to aid those affected. One such example is the use of blockchain and biometric technologies by the United Nations World Food Program. The pilot “Building Blocks” program is paving the way for blockchain to expand far beyond fintech. How The United Nations World Food Program Utilizes Fintech Blockchain, the ...

Nonprofit Tech: These Emerging Technology Trends Are Helping Organizations Extend Global Reach

By CRA | September 06, 2018
Nonprofit organizations affect multiple areas of society. They require the management of massive data and often have limited resources. These groups should leverage technology trends. Organizations can increase efficiency, reduce costs and spend more time on their missions around the world. The State of Nonprofits in the U.S. in 2018 Current data about nonprofits proves that they affect all...

What Could Blockchain Technology Do for Healthcare?

By CRA | August 14, 2018
Blockchain technology is disrupting FinTech, real estate and other industries. It's also affecting healtchcare. Here’s how. 5 Ways Blockchain Technology May Revolutionize Healthcare What is Blockchain Technology? Blockchain, or "distributed ledger" allows as many people as necessary access to a file. The file cannot be copied and is updated in real time. Traditional ledger software operated with...

How AI Is Changing & Improving The Healthcare Industry

By CRA | August 09, 2018
Whether or not George Washington cut down a cherry tree is up for debate. What's not for debate? George died from a lack of technology in healthcare. That’s right. George had a sore throat. His doctor decided that the best way to help him was bloodletting. This is the archaic practice of draining blood from patients to heal them. The doctor drained too much from George. Presently, we treat sore...

How Healthcare Is Improving With The Use Of Augmented & Virtual Reality Technology

By CRA | July 31, 2018
Reality technologies, like augmented and virtual reality, are transforming more than just the gaming industry. They are changing vital services, including healthcare. Today’s post explores how reality technology is advancing medical treatment and education. Reality Technology and Healthcare Video games and medicine? It’s actually not that crazy of a combination. Augmented and Virtual Reality...