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Finance Management with Office 365

By CRA | April 18, 2018
FinTech was late to the cloud game. Now, they’re pretty much proclaiming from the rooftops, “We’re here!” and are likely to pave the way for others to do the same. Here’s what you need to know if you’re still on the fence about cloud-based financial management with Office 365. If Microsoft 365 Is Good Enough For These Brands... First, Microsoft acquired big name brands in 2017. NASCAR, British...

5 Things You Must Know About The Impact of the New Tax Law on Financial Technology

By CRA | April 11, 2018
There’s been a lot of chatter, online and off, about the new tax law. Here’s what everyone needs to know about how it affects FinTech (financial technology). How The New Tax Law Affects FinTech The law went into effect on January 1, 2018 and will affect 2019 tax filings. Regulators are still hashing out how to enforce the code, so it will take some time to predict the exact impact of the changes...

Blockchain Technology is Revolutionizing FinTech

By CRA | April 04, 2018
Blockchain technology is changing the face of financial technology, or FinTech. What is Blockchain and why does it work so well in the finance sector? That’s what we’re unpacking today on the Computer Resources of America blog. What is Blockchain Technology? Blockchain, also called “distributed ledger”, is a form of document sharing that allows as many people as necessary access to a file that...

Tips and Tricks for Designing from Home

By CRA | February 07, 2018
Working from home is no longer something people dream of. The amount of people working from home, especially designers, is increasing rapidly. This week we’re breaking down the stats and trends and then sharing tips and tricks for thriving in work from home graphic design jobs.  Working From Home: By The Numbers One in five Americans works from home at least once a week. That’s 30 million...

Adobe CC 2018: What’s New?

By CRA | January 30, 2018
Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 is out and has seen some significant changes over previous versions. Here’s the rundown on what you can expect from the new suite. What’s New In Adobe CC 2018? Broken down by components of Adobe Creative Cloud, here are the updates to the suite that will improve your workflow. Photoshop There are several new features and improvements. Find the complete release notes here...

Version Control: Collaborating on Live Projects

By CRA | January 24, 2018
As work culture becomes more open and collaborative, version control is increasingly important. From the simple example of “track changes” in Word, or creating a spreadsheet together in Google Sheets, office-based and remote workers are regularly collaborating in realtime and can easily see what others have done to improve code, texturize a logo or electrify language. It’s time for this...

CAD in 2018: What to Expect

By CRA | January 22, 2018
While architecture and engineering don’t change much, the technology used to design is evolving at a rapid rate. Computer-aided design (CAD) is no exception. We’ve been watching and have made predictions about what to expect in 2018. Here are our top predictions for advancements in CAD in the next twelve months.  2018: Our 6 CAD Predictions Tech trends cross several industries and because CAD is...

Computer Resources of America (CRA) Listed as Top IT Services & Consulting Firms, and Top Cloud Consultants by Clutch

By CRA | December 13, 2017
Computer Resources of America named Top IT Services & Consulting Firms and Top Cloud Consultants representing 12% of companies from the IT Services industry of Global Leaders by Clutch. B2B ratings and reviews platform Clutch has named Computer Resources of America (CRA) a Global Leader in two categories on its annual Global Leaders List, an exclusive ranking of the most highly recommended...

The Importance of Backups: Restoring Data After A Breach

By CRA | November 21, 2017
In one year, from April 2016 to August 2017, 14 million small businesses were hacked. Small- to medium-sized businesses have a high risk of cyber attacks for a host of reasons. The combination of the number of attacks and the risk has moved Congress to seek legislation creating a set of resources and guidelines for small businesses to help keep them safe from the myriad attacks that they face....