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Why are Dell AppAssure and CRA Solutions Important to I.T.?

By CRA | December 19, 2013
The Computer Resources of America alignment with Dell AppAssure is an important development for home healthcare professionals and candidly anyone involved in Information Technology infrastructure and support. The importance of backup and other related I.T. support solutions can’t be overemphasized. Here’s why. Data and online access is crucial to the enterprise. The Computer Resources of America...

New York I.T. Support: Questions You Should Ask

By CRA | December 09, 2013
Home health care agencies know that it is simply unacceptable for their home office I.T. infrastructure to be down or inferior. Overall I.T. support, including robust and seamless backup, is critical for this type of business to function properly. If only there were no power outages, natural disasters and the like. Welcome to the real world. You might be asking yourself, “I have home health care...

CRA is a Top 100 Managed Services Provider!

By CRA | July 11, 2013
Computer Resources of America is pleased to announce that we are one of the Top 100 Managed Services providers in North America (and the world!!!).  MSP Mentor has released their list of the top 100 Managed Service Providers in North America for 2013 and CRA has landed as #53. We've worked hard to continue to develop an extraordinarily helpful, scalable and customizeable service offering for all...

Computer Resources of America and AppAssure!!!

By CRA | May 03, 2013
Computer Resources of America is happy to announce it’s partnership with AppAssure.  We’ve been working with Dell for many years and this partnership became quite clear with their improvements to the software with their recent acquisition. Utilizing AppAssure for our clients, we’re able to give small and medium business the opportunity to experience true disaster recovery, local and remote...

Computer Resources of America Launches New Website!!

By CRA | May 03, 2013
Here at Computer Resources of America, we've grown quite a bit in the last few years.  We've created this new website to ensure all of our clients and potential clients are aware of the full range of services and solutions that we have to offer.  We'll be updating the website fairly consistently with recommendations, new solutions and case studies from our new clients and projects we're working...