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3 IT Solutions for the Finance World

By CRA | September 27, 2016
How and Why a Firm Grasp on IT Solutions Will Give Financial Institutions an Edge The global financial landscape continues to change as lifestyle shifts and technological advancements morph into a round-the-clock service. Add to this that the financial sector is world-wide, thus banks are never closed, and the need for IT solutions for the finance world is even more apparent. Here is a look at 3...

Unified Communications and the Architecture/ Construction Industries

By CRA | September 06, 2016
How Unified Communications can Increase Productivity and Allow You to Work Smarter Today’s architecture and construction leaders know that their businesses, more than many others, are site-based rather than face-to-face.  With people scattered around a state, country, or even the globe how can these businesses stay connected and productive?  Unified communications can help in many ways. Below we...

3 Reasons Why Unified Communications Are a Good Idea

By CRA | August 16, 2016
The world of enterprise communication has changed a lot over the last two decades, and it's no surprise that companies need to update to the latest technologies in order to stay competitive. Anyone who has done research on modern business communication systems is likely to have heard of VoIP and Unified Communications. To the average person, these terms may appear interchangeable, but both...

Why VoIP Is the Best Option for Your Business

By CRA | August 09, 2016
Many people have heard of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, but not many know about the benefits of VoIP. In summary, VoIP is a technology that transmits audio files as data over a digital network to another computer or a VoIP phone or any device that you are using to communicate with. As it uses the same protocols that the Internet uses, the Internet isn't strictly necessary; therefore, call...

5 Ways Cloud Computing Services Help Law Firms

By CRA | August 02, 2016
The typical picture of attorneys working a case involves legal pads, bankers’ boxes full of files, and a lot of pausing to find that case-winning document. But what if legal firms moved to the cloud? What changes would we see? We’d see some massive improvements. Here are 5 ways cloud computing services can help legal firms. Broader Scope In Search It’s a simple fact: written law is one thing,...

Cost-Saving Benefits of Cloud Computing

By CRA | July 11, 2016
Smart Businesses Do It in the Cloud Do what? Everything! The benefits of cloud computing are vast and more and more businesses, of varying sizes and industries, are looking to the cloud to run their businesses. Why? The reasons are many but here are some convincing cost-saving benefits. Work from Anywhere One of the benefits of cloud computing is that employees can work from almost anywhere. How...

CRA Ranked Among Top 501 Managed Service Providers by Penton Technology

By CRA | June 01, 2016
9th Annual MSP 501 Ranking and Study Identifies World’s Most Progressive MSPs in Information Technology Computer Resources of America, CRA a leading managed IT service provider has been ranked among the world’s most progressive 501 Managed Service Providers (MSPs), according to Penton Technology’s 9th-annual MSP 501 list and study. The complete 2016 MSP 501 list is available at MSPmentor. The MSP...

Is It Time to BYOD?

By CRA | May 17, 2016
Do you access business data from your personal devices? Does your business allow you to store and access critical data from your phone? Have you thought about the severity if you were to compromise this data from a device that was not business issued? The notion of employees using their personal tools at work isn't new. There is a long history of employees using private vehicles for sales...

Five Ways to Maximize Your Employees’ Mobile Productivity

By CRA | May 16, 2016
Virtually every employee today has a smartphone and or tablet. Most businesses are underutilizing these devices because they belong to the employees. They are BYOD, “bring your own device,” as they say. Ignoring these devices is a mistake. Your hyper-connected employees are glued to their mobile devices. Savvy business owners and executives have realized the secret to higher employee productivity...