Microsoft Products Reaching End of Life For 2020. What Does This Mean?

By CRA | December 31, 2019
  Microsoft has announced End of Support for Office 2010 and has added it to the Microsoft 2020 End of Life List. The tech giant is now urging users to move to the Office 365 ProPlus platform that promises some exciting new developments owing to the fact it is cloud-based and has some powerful Artificial Intelligence capabilities. The good news is that the transition is not only smooth, but it...

Big Data and Finance - What's the Connection?

By CRA | November 08, 2019
Leveraging Big Data in Finance for a Win There is a deep relationship shared between big data and finance, one that has often been qualified as being “two sides of the same coin”. Recently---and despite it being one of the most competitive markets across the world---the finance industry is facing a new generation of disruptions, a series of novel issues that only big data can seemingly solve. ...

Food Industry Technology and Innovative Solutions

By CRA | October 24, 2019
Changes in the Ways Restaurants Conduct Business Restaurants have seen a new wave of food industry technology in recent years; as part of this, they have been able to increase productivity and minimize inefficiencies to a great extent. For instance, innovative restaurant technology such as cloud synchronization and Managed ITsolutions allow them to effectively measure growth and predict costs,...

Multi-Industry Advances in 3D Printing

By CRA | December 26, 2018
2018 saw an explosion in 3D printing. In addition to growing as a consumer product (the millionth 3D printer was purchased in 2017), 3D printers have been in the news, and even the focus of art exhibits. Here’s a recap of the biggest advancements in 3D printing in 2018. 3D Printing Advances in 2018 3D printing is a complex, but increasingly common, way of manufacturing virtually designed items...

The Role of Smart Cities in America's Near Future

By CRA | December 11, 2018
In the last year, interest in smart cities has risen considerably as everyone, from public safety and municipal governments to The Big Three, recognizes that the future is now. What are the features of a smart city? And what is the role of smart cities in the next few years? Today we’ll explore both what smart cities are and should be as well as how they may change life in the next few years. ...

Changing the face of IT operations: 5G Technology

By CRA | December 04, 2018
5G is coming and with it, all kinds of hype about AT&T, Verizon and new devices. 5G goes far beyond cell phone technology, though. It has massive implications for Information Technology. Here are the ways 5G is anticipated to change IT. What is 5G? Simply put, 5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology. Each new generation has offered increased data transmission speed. Each has also had...