What Should I Know About NY IT Staffing Solutions?

By CRA | February 11, 2014
A Revealing Look With Our Q & A Q. What can help you propel your business and stay ahead in today’s technology oriented business structures? A. A well-laid out IT solutions mechanism and IT planning that makes networks run efficiently and provides sufficient security backup in the event of a crisis. Q. Who helps us put these well-constructed IT strategies into place? A. Experienced and...

IT Short and Long-Term Support - What You Need to Know

By CRA | January 31, 2014
In today’s competitive business landscape, a well equipped IT support solutions structure will help you earn that winning edge in industry. Whether your enterprise is a startup, or a medium or large-scale corporation, you will need to define your IT strategies to optimize your business objectives sooner or later. It’s a fact: long and short term planning for IT support is essential for any...

Managing and Obtaining Quotes from IT Support Vendors

By CRA | January 24, 2014
Finding the right IT support and solutions vendor can be a daunting task, especially if you do not understand the basics of IT and its pricing structure. We at Computer Resources of America or CRA, have been in the business of delivering top-notch IT enabled services for over 20 years now; and as a responsible name among leading Blue Chip companies, it is our duty to help companies find the...