Use Of Technology In The Legal Industry

By CRA | March 13, 2020
The recent and continuous advancements in technology are constantly transforming the ways most industries function, and the legal industry is no different. Like all other markets, the legal sector is subjected to external forces and is often re-shaped by the fluctuations in supportive technology. Let’s talk about how the impact of technology innovation in the legal sector is leading toward...

The Importance Of Having A Cybersecurity Culture In Your Workforce

By CRA | January 15, 2020
A Clark School study from the University of Maryland aimed at cybersecurity culture, reveals that hackers attack every 39 seconds, and one in three Americans are affected by these efforts each year. While it doesn’t take much in the way of time or money to strengthen our digital defenses, many people don’t do it simply because they do not grasp the severity of the situation or they do not...

Microsoft Products Reaching End of Life For 2020. What Does This Mean?

By CRA | December 31, 2019
  Microsoft has announced End of Support for Office 2010 and has added it to the Microsoft 2020 End of Life List. The tech giant is now urging users to move to the Office 365 ProPlus platform that promises some exciting new developments owing to the fact it is cloud-based and has some powerful Artificial Intelligence capabilities. The good news is that the transition is not only smooth, but it...