How Blockchain Technology Is Changing Real Estate

By CRA | January 04, 2019
This was one of our most popular blog posts of 2018. We've updated this post with new information to continue providing valuable content. We’ve shared how blockchain technology is shaking up FinTech but that’s not the only vertical in which its making waves. Real estate, both commercial and residential, are seeing the benefits of implementing the technology. Thus, real estate is changing...

How Real Estate AI & Chatbot Technology Is Changing The Industry

By CRA | June 26, 2018
Just like blockchain technology is changing real estate and other industries, Artificial Intelligence is doing the same. A few weeks ago we shared its effect on trading; today we’ll look at how artificial intelligence, including chatbots, are affecting real estate. Understanding Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots Artificial intelligence are computer systems that mimic the human brain and...

5 Reasons Why Real Estate Firms Should Outsource IT Services

By CRA | June 19, 2018
Managed IT is a benefit for public and private employers. Real estate firms, especially, should consider outsourcing their IT. Here’s why. Why Real Estate Firms Should Outsource IT Save money on staffing. Real estate firms are generally small and focused on the buying and selling of residential and commercial properties. With most agents using personal devices and relying on email, IT needs are...

Real Estate Transactions Made Easier With Machine Learning

By CRA | June 05, 2018
Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are no longer fantasies but instead a part of our daily reality. While many of us grew up picturing AI as friendly robots, from the Jetsons to Star Wars, it’s both more simple and complex than this. In this post we’ll explore how machine learning is everywhere and how it is making real estate more efficient. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence...

CRA scores another win with its Manage360 solution

By CRA | November 03, 2016
New York, NY November 3rd, 2016 - Computer Resources of America announced that its flagship Manage360° product is being rolled out as part of a new agreement with one of New York City’s leading residential real estate firm.  The three-year agreement allows CRA to provide the firm with critical IT services and help them make sound investments in technologies to support business growth.   Manage360°

Working Smarter in the Real Estate Industry with Cloud Computing

By CRA | November 01, 2016
Real estate is a mobile industry.  While there are offices in the majority of towns, properties are listed in remote areas, skyscrapers, and suburban subdivisions.  For this reason, it’s an industry that screams for the ability to handle business in the field.  Understanding the types of cloud models, their limitations and ability to protect privacy, and how cloud computing can make a life for...