3 Things That Your CEO Needs To Know About Managed IT

By CRA | January 26, 2017 | 0

Why Managed IT Makes Sense In Today’s Business Climate

 Adoption of managed IT serviceshas been slow but is picking up as more businesses understand what it is and how it can help. CEO’s in the know are finding that it is a cost-effective solution and a strategy for building a better, more cohesive, business. Let’s look what managed IT services is and three lesser known aspects of managed IT services that your CEO needs to know.


What Managed IT Services Is & What It’s Not

Managed IT Services is the process of onboarding an independent IT firm or contractor to handle certain aspects of a business’s tech operations. It is not a replacement for the IT department but rather a way to free up and reallocate resources while maximizing how staff are used.


Three Things Every CEO Should Know About Managed IT

  1. It Builds The Team. While the meme of all IT professionals being antisocial is a popular one, it’s not true. People are social. People want to interact with those around them and feel like they are connected through a common goal. But think about your IT department. Chances are you don’t know their names, and have never gotten passed a card for one of them. Historically, IT departments have been isolated from the rest of the work and mission. Managed IT Services allow your company to contract with a firm to handle day-to-day tech operations issues while freeing up your IT staff for things that make them more connected: building apps for employees when working in the field or databases that help work get done faster and smarter. This allows for greater collaboration, relationships, and productivity.
  2. It Reduces Costs. Contracting out saves money and this is seen with managed IT services easily. By streamlining services and outsourcing specific IT needs your IT staff can focus on being more productive to the holistic vision of your organization. And it will pay. In the first half of 2016, surveyed businesses that shifted to managed IT services saw significant reductions in expenditures: half reduced expenditures by up to 25%, a third reduced expenditures by 25% or more, and 13% reduced expenditures by 50% or more.
  3. Everyone can’t be good at everything. When you onboard a managed services provider you get a brain trust at the ready. Rather than train existing staff on something you may only need once, you can count on an expert on this offsite team being able to assess, strategize, and implement whatever you need, and far more quickly than your in-house staff who would have to devote significant time to research.

 There are plenty of reasons why managed IT services are a solution for CEOs but these are the ones that are often not expressed that make some of the biggest differences in an organization. We have all heard that they save money and use the latest technology. Those are all important factors when making business decisions but managed IT services can also up productivity and grow your business in ways your CEO may not even realize.



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