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How CRA is Making A Success of It

CRA has been at the forefront of creating cutting edge IT solutions for over two decades. As New York’s most trusted name in managed IT solutions, we have been providing valued assistance to enterprise customers, including small and medium businesses and government agencies.

Our commitment to Service Level Agreement compliance and our array of best-in-class services have made us the preferred name in enterprise IT solutions and staffing among clients. For every project that we manage, developing seamless and customized offerings and a well-laid out plan is our primary task. This is achieved with the help of our project teams – experienced project managers, engineers and technicians.

Project Planning Components – The CRA Way

  1. Gaining customer approval at every step is our number one concern, and that is why once the cost estimates and the scope of the project have been decided, we discuss the key issues of the project with all of the key stakeholders. At this stage, CRA also develops a risk analysis and quality, staffing and procurement plan that is comprehensively documented with approval from all of the stakeholders.
  2. Once the base strategies are defined, we deliver the goals and responsibilities for our in-house teams and for any third party involved in the process. At this crucial phase, we involve our project managers, engineers, project sponsors and clients in an open communication to develop all key aspects of the project.
  3. The third phase is an action setting environment where the business vision and goals are rolled out in a timely manner. In this phase, constant communication between all of the stakeholders is encouraged to improve feedback and quality of the project.
  4. While project managers, their teams and sub-teams work diligently on different key solutions, we also ensure that the client is kept abreast of all developments. This is achieved through our back end tools in IT networks that allows the client to keep track of critical parameters such as project hours, tasks and the milestones realized.
  5. Any variations in scope, deliverables or planning is updated and implemented according to the feedback from our clients.

Constant assessments on risk, benefits, staffing and project quality are part of the project planning estimates, and it carries on until the time we deliver our end-to-end solutions to our clients. A final review and approval is carried out in the final stages of the project.

Short and long-term estimates are a critical aspect of our project management components. At CRA, we understand that post-completion, a project will show different issues, and that is why we keep the engagements going through our short and long-term assistance to clients. This could involve training and guidance to clients and end users or urgently reaching out to solve any performance issues within the range of our offered IT solutions and support systems.

Our project planning and assistance plays out as a well monitored and diligently created strategy that keeps costs predictable and change management becomes significantly easier.





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