4 Benefits Of IT Managed Services For Businesses

By CRA | September 23, 2015 | 5 Comments

Many small and medium businesses are stuck in the past when it comes to managing and supporting their IT environment with the break-fix mentality. This reactive method of “maintain” IT, cost these businesses’ more than they imagine by reducing the productivity of their employees when having to factor in the time to call, schedule, and dispatch a technician. By the time the issue is resolved; the business would not only have spent money but also decreased productivity.  Instead, small and medium businesses’ need to transform their IT operations and move into the present.

Proactive Support

A managed services provider (MSP) implements a proactive and cost-effective approach to managing and support an IT environment. Whether it is augmenting the current IT staff or fully managing the whole IT environment, a MSP not only fixes problems, but also prevents them. For a monthly flat rate, small and medium businesses will utilize the expertise of the MSP, providing a clear, proactive approach, allowing them to maximize their technology investments and future-proofing their IT operations, keeping them ahead of the IT curve.

24x7 Monitoring

We know how important is for you to keep track of your business all day long, but sometimes you have other responsibilities too, right? Well, a managed services provider installs applications that monitor your business 24x7. Every time there is a system failure, the applications try to solve the problem immediately as well as provide a notification to the engineers. If the applications cannot fix the problem immediately, the engineers will take over the situation. In a blink of an eye, your problems will be fixed, and your business will be protected.

“'Lift the weight off of your shoulders'”

It is hard to control everything yourself, so let us do the heavy lifting. Hiring a full-time IT team for your company can be costly when your factor in staffing and benefits With the help of a managed services provider creating a tailored solution to meet each businesses’ individual needs, makes IT budget friendly and more convenient . Not only does a MSP cost a fraction of what it would be to hire and staff an IT department but you can get numerous value-added services that would help your business run smoothly and “lift the weight off of your shoulders”

Secure your IT Environment

One day your IT environment is running smoothly, the next day your server crashes! Don’t let this catastrophe happen to your business; a managed services provider helps you secure the information that is important to your business with a duplication system that allows fast data recovery. That way if your IT environment breaks down information can be retrieved in minutes, allowing you to spin up a virtual server and continue working without missing a beat. 

Do you think is time for your business to transform their IT operations with a Managed IT Solutions Provider? CRA has been in the business for over 20 years helping small and medium businesses find the right plan for them.



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