Is Your Business Protected Against Downtime?

By CRA | January 05, 2016 | 0

Lottery ticket

Every other week people are out buying lottery tickets even though their odds of winning are 1:175,000,000. Most people understand that they do not stand a chance of winning, yet they still purchase them week after week. This is because people believe they can beat the odds. In this case, the worst that can happen is losing a few dollars.


Don't Be Part of the Statistics!

On a larger scale, when talking about businesses, 98% of businesses do not backup all of their data. This is astonishing when you look at the other statistics, 40% of companies whose DR plan fails, go out of business within a year. What is even more shocking, 70% of people have stated they are not fully confident in this statement “Our backup and disaster recovery operations are well anaged and planned.” Again, most people understand that they would not successfully recover from a disaster, but still choose not to do anything.

Instead of continuing to discuss statistics that most people already have a good understanding of, let us show you what it will actually cost your business to have downtime. On average, a small business will lose roughly $8,000 per hour of downtime and a medium business loses $74,000.

Many business executives believe that having a backup solution in place is all that is needed in order to protect their company from disasters. However, backup is only a way to protect a business’s data, it is not a means of protecting a company from downtime. On average, it takes roughly 18.5 hours for a business to recover from a disaster, $148,000 lost for a small business and $1,369,000 lost for a medium business. Now, this is only if you have the needed hardware to spin up your backups immediately. In order to maintain the maximum amount of uptime, a business should have a backup/disaster recovery plan that provides business continuity in the event of a disaster. Preferably with a primary and secondary site for storage.

How CRA Can Help?

Continuity, CRA’s Managed BDR solution, your business can maintain maximum uptime, saving your business hundreds of thousands of dollars. This solution allows you to spin up your infrastructure in one of our data centers within an hour. It also allows you to connect as if you were working from your own office from home, a hotel, or wherever is needed during a disaster. Not sure if your business has the right BDR plan in place? Do you know the cost of your business suffering from downtime? Give CRA a call today at 212-376-4040 or email us at to answer all your BDR related questions.

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